pictures taken on my phone

2019 (WIP)

spenting weeknights reading ayurvedic textbooks and watching youtube monks

went to a club sober for the first time in my life

prayed, seriously, for the first time in my life

read occult books and watched conspiracy theory documentaries while pretending to be a normal person

went to chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, ayurvedic doctors, salt caves, and sensory deprivation tanks

some of it worked. ecstatically gave away my CPAP machine and gabapentin

went to as many strange events as i could to make the most of nyc before i left

quit my job with no concrete plan


felt something while writing

graduated college. felt dread at leaving behind friends and freedom. regretted the majority of my academic decisions

discovered my current favorite city: berlin

moved to new york city to work at facebook.

didn't buy any furniture because i knew it wouldn't last

earnestly lived the 9 - 5 concerts cocktails brunch weekend trips lifestyle